ESSAY: Origami

Origami attracted me to its symmetry of folding the forms, and I was astounded how the two-dimensionality of paper could transform into delightful, if not beautiful three-dimensional objects. As I folded, creased, and aligned corners of sheets of paper, I felt something in my young mind unwrapping, releasing, and freeing wondrous joy. I discovered the magic of making art. It awakened my senses and filled a void I didn’t know I had.

Origami was the first activity to draw me into all things precise, orderly, methodical, and beautiful. My husband, Bob, pokes fun at me about this perfectly square box I’d put myself in and tells me I have a big helping of ‘meticulosity.’ My friend once said I should not present myself, as I do, as “a chromosome away from OCD,” but instead, she suggested I describe myself as “very careful and exacting.” I prefer the latter!