There are many people whom I love and express openly in my book. The same goes for activities I love to do, especially cooking and playing the piano, but discussing things I love….not so much. So, these pages will cover all the random things in my life that I love, just for fun!

I recognized my predisposition for precision when I learned Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. My mother introduced the art to me when I was a child, and despite my impatience and sloppiness at first, I grew to love working with the origami paper–its breathtaking colors and weight so light it could practically float in the air. 

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I went into great detail in my book describing my wondrous experiences with pottery. I was trained in classical ceramics, using high-fire stoneware or porcelain and making functional objects such as mugs, plates, bowls, vases and such, that were perfectly weighted and visually balanced. But after a while, I inexplicably went rogue and migrated toward creating less practical pieces and sculptural objects using different types of clay and experimenting with low–firing. I found my looser ideas and forms liberating for my mind and soul, not to mention, lots of fun. I still haven’t lost my loyalty to all things precise, orderly, methodical, and beautiful–still, I love the aesthetic freedom I’d discovered.


Practicing architecture these days are less hand drawing and more computer input. I missed the feel of paper and the smell of ink markers, and when I managed to capture on paper the essence of what I saw, I always felt I became at one with the building. When my husband, Bob, and I visited Italy, I didn’t take my camera.

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Instead, while packing my things, I included my sketchbooks, pencils, erasers, and ink markers and off we went. The weather, of course, was glorious, and the people were welcoming. We languished in the sun and loved the plethora of places and sites we visited, some of which I expressed on paper in my sketchbooks.