Gallery of Puree

Fresh veggies, dried beans, legumes
and grains

Squash and root veggies sliced
in half, brushed with olive oil and
ready to roast

Once the veggies were fully cooked,
they were ready for blending and
sorted by color–then the fun began!

Half Moon Soup – 1
Asparagus and sweet potatoes with
roasted red bell pepper burst.

Pacman Soup – 1
Asparagus and carrot soup with roasted
red bell pepper and green bean Pacmans

Pinwheel Soup
Sweet potatoes with collard greens burst

Sweet potato soup with three bursts
Collard greens burst
Parsnip and roasted red bell pepper burst
Collard greens burst

Sunny-side up!
Eggs (white rice and golden beets) with
roasted red bell pepper garnish

Pacman Soup – 2
Broccoli and butternut squash soup
with red beet and collard greens Pacmans

Tri-color soup
Roasted red and golden beets, collard greens, and
roasted red bell pepper burst

Tossed Salad
Nuggets of asparagus, carrots,
and roasted chicken

Split pea soup and red beet soup
with roasted pork and applesauce

Roast pork with carrot and split pea soups,
with roasted red bell pepper and
beet greens burst

Rosemary infused roasted chicken,
split pea soup, collard greens and roasted
red bell pepper burst

Roast pork with creamy broccoli soup,
roasted red beets, and butternut squash

Half moon soup – 2
Roasted red and golden beets with
beet greens burst

Salmon mousse
with broccoli soup, sliced roasted red beets,
sweet potato “fries”and roasted
red bell pepper burst

Beef stew
with carrots, green beans,
French fries spears,
and beef cubes

Rosemary infused roasted chicken
with carrots, red lentils,
and green bean burst

Hamburger and French fries
with ground beef, potato “fries,” golden beets “cheese,”
broccoli “lettuce,” and roasted red pepper “catsup”

Cobb Salad
Eggs (white rice with roasted golden beets),
and nuggets of red lentils, roasted red beets,
carrots, green beans, roasted chicken cubes

Lucky Soup
Asparagus and butternut squash soups
with rosemary infused roasted chicken
and green beans burst